Rejuvenate, Clean & Protect Natural Stone & Man-made Surfaces

About Us

Australia Stone Care, with more than 30 years’ experience, provides a variety of premium services in the industry solution including rejuvenation, heritage restoration, cleaning, maintenance, protection, anti-slip services for both natural and engineered stone surfaces.

Our team learned and developed their unique skill set from many years working in Italy, home of the most exclusive manufacturers of stone and ceramic materials, providing excellent performance in a highly competitive market.

Thanks to our professionalism, technical expertise, custom made support, creativity and the ability to find solutions to complex problems where others have failed, Australia Stone Care extended its operations all over Italy as well main European capital cities and North America.

We are pleased to launch our product offering to the Australian market with our Melbourne based company offering the same services as well distributing an exclusive range of all stone care products to both professional and private markets.

Our Services

A natural stone surface is beautiful to look at and gives a luxurious finish that a simple ceramic or porcelain tile cannot match.

Besides the look, each stone surface will require high maintenance regime being sensitive over time to various elements such as foot traffic, weather conditions or even spilled wine or coffee.

Long-term exposure to these elements will cause damage even if the surface is sealed and constantly cleaned.

Each stone listed below is quite distinct and our professional team can restore these to their original state:

- White marble (Carrara, Calacatta, Statuarietto etc.)
- Travertine
- Grey limestone (Tundra Frey, Pietra Nautica)
- Nero marquina
- Granite
- Bluestone, Basalt/Sandstone
- Terrazzo or other engineered stone